Tiger Quits After Sex with 18 Year Old

Oh, sorry, that's David 'Tiger' Wu, Congressman from Oregon, not Tiger Woods.

Wu had defiantly told Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other top House Democrats throughout the weekend and into Monday that he was not leaving office, despite resignation calls from Oregon Democrats. Wu told Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson (Conn.) that he had “done nothing illegal” in his encounter with the girl, who was 18 at the time of the incident.

But aides to the two Democratic senators from Oregon, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, told Wu’s chief of staff early Tuesday morning that they were going to call on him to step down, pressure likely to trigger a wave of similar denouncements from their Capitol Hill colleagues.Wyden and Merkley tried to speak to Wu directly, but he would not take their call, a Democratic source said. Faced with this development, and privately being urged to step down by House leaders, Wu decided to get out immediately.

Wu did not give a date for his departure, saying it will come “upon resolution of the debt-ceiling crisis.”

Wu added: “The wellbeing of my children must come before anything else. With great sadness, I therefore intend to resign effective upon the resolution of the debt-ceiling crisis. This is the right decision for my family, the institution of the House, and my colleagues.

Anthony Weiner, asked for comment, said, "He's quitting? What a Jackass!"