Tierney's Confession

John Tierney has also entered a guilty plea. The only plea he had available.

Did you ever talk to Patrice about her brother and exactly what she was doing for him?

The congressman's best case argument in his defense was stupidity, so that's the one he's running with. "I knew she had a bank account she shared with her bookie brother, but I was too freaking stupid to worry about it," is the best option he's got. He could have said "she never told me about it," but he'd be putting all the blame on her, and that would make him look even worse.

That only left him with the poor judgement excuse. Which, by the way, explains his 14 years in congress.

"I knew, or at least I thought I knew, what she was doing. He had an account and she was paying bills that he asked her to pay out of it for (his) kids. He had three teenage kids living in Lynnfield. I think some of the money, from time to time, might have gone to help (Patrice's) mother out."

The congressman admits that he's too dumb to be trusted with the simplest of decisions - as the people's representative to congress, it's a good idea not to agree to do business with people in the business of defrauding that government you get your paycheck from - even if we're talking family.

Did Patrice ever ask if you were all right with her doing this for her brother?

"I don't know that we had an explicit conversation.

What? You never discussed it? You were aware that your wife was managing money for her criminal brother so he could abandon his family and do his "business" from outside U.S. borders, and it didn't even occur to you that this was a bad idea, worthy of, if nothing else, a conversation?

But we were both very aware that he was not gambling anymore, that he was doing something else. That was certainly something that she considered, I'm sure. She's not stupid. She knows what I do for a living. "

After he'd been convicted of tax fraud, abandoned his family and left the country, how did you KNOW what he was up to? And if you were "very aware" of what he wasn't doing, why were you not aware of what he was allegedly doing - running an illegal gambling operation and laundering money through the desk in the corner of your bedroom?

In retrospect, do you wish that you had looked into the matter more?

"What I wish is that my brother-in-law had said to his sister, 'Hey, 'I'm lying, you don't want to be doing this. That's what I wish."

Just like a liberal. "What I wish is that those darned terrorists hadn't flown those planes into the buildings." Now that's leadership. Thanks, congressman.

Was your wife ever paid to run the account?

"I think pretty clearly that there was no allegation that she profited from it."

That sounds like a yes! Chase that one down, Hudak!

On the feedback he has received:

"We're getting a tremendous amount of comments from people that are very understanding and very supportive, mostly women, coming up to us and saying, 'My husband damn well better not start looking at everything I do.'"

Sure, congressman, throw your constitutents under the bus and argue that there's so much stupidity in the district you're the perfect guy to represent it.

Oh, one other thing. You remember that his mother-in-law donated $4800 to John's campaign. Where does she get the money that allows her to live in Lynnfield?

"I think some of the money, from time to time, might have gone to help (Patrice's) mother out."

Effectively, Tierney was taking donations out of the account that Patrice was managing. Very interesting.