Teaching Failure

One of the great ironies of the perceived compassion of the Democrats is that they oversee racism and limited opportunities for America's children.
The neediest students in California high schools are being taught by the least prepared teachers, a new study shows.
This is presumably true in every city in the country. Few highly skilled teachers have the desire to step inside the violence ridden, failing schools that Democrats and their union partners force the poor to attend.
Fewer than half the principals in high-poverty schools said their teachers had the skills to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving among their students, while more than two-thirds of their counterparts in wealthier communities said their teachers possessed those abilities, the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning said in a study being released today.
Despite constant cries of poverty from the unions and "education candidates" in the Democratic Party, urban schools are well funded. It is bad policies that make schools unmanageable.
....Education Secretary Arne Duncan referred to DC public schools as a district with “more money than God.” Perhaps he was thinking of the $24,600 total per-pupil spending figure I reported last year in the Washington Post and on this blog. If so, he’s low-balling the number... I’ve just calculated the figure...  $26,555 per pupil.
While Democrats parrot the teachers union line that more money is needed, the budgets for America's schools have increased dramatically as education quality has collapsed.
Many people believe that lack of funding is a problem in public educa­tion,[10] but historical trends show that American spending on public educa­tion is at an all-time high. Between 1994 and 2004, average per-pupil expenditures in American public schools have increased by 23.5 percent (adjusted for inflation).
Union demands are more important to Democrats than improving the schools, so liberals continue to argue for the union agenda, even in the midst of a crisis.
Between 1984 and 2004, real expendi­tures per pupil increased by 49 percent.[11] These increases follow the historical trend of ever-increasing real per-student expenditures in the nation's public schools. In fact, the per-pupil expen­ditures in 1970–1971 ($4,060) were less than half of per-pupil expenditures in 2005–2006 ($9,266) after adjusting for inflation.
Electing Democrats means holding hostage the minorities they claim to protect. It means denying kids the chance to break the cycle of poverty by denying them the one tool that can keep them from becoming permanent members of the liberal social safety net business model.
The bad news: California's aspiring teachers aren't being taught what they need to participate in the latest round of high school reform, which emphasizes critical thinking skills and "real world" learning that prepares students for college and the workplace. "We need to make sure the system is responsive to making sure that those teachers are adequately prepared to meet those challenges, and right now they're not," Gaston said.