Tea Time

There was a Tea Party event in Worcester, MA yesterday. I had the opportunity to speak at the event - not play the organ, as it may appear in this photo - but the real pleasure was meeting all the nice, very supportive people, who all seem to listen to Tom and I on WRKO.
There's no video of my remarks available as of yet, which will be a relief to many, but this short video from Holy Cross Professor Nicholas Sanchez is well worth the watch for an immigrant's perspective on the parents of President Obama, and their views on the United States.
It was a good idea to hold the Worcester Tea Party in advance of July 4, as it gave organizers access to speakers without competing with the many others events that will be held that day. Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Christy Mihos was there, as well as Kris Mineau, David Tuerck and Karla Howell. A young man who is new to political action also spoke - he is Matt Clemente, a student at Holy Cross, who delivered a very fine speech. I hope to get him on WRKO so that he can get a proper hazing into the world of political debate. Thanks to all the fine folks who turned out for the event, and for the kind words about WRKO and the Tom & Todd radio show. Thanks to the American Basics blog for the photo of me.