The Obama administration is going to fight hard to pass health care reform - and that includes targeting Democrats. A new TV ad is being aired by a wing of the DNC promoting health reform.
A slightly different version -- ending with a request for viewers to “call your senators” -- will air in Florida, Nebraska, Indiana, Louisiana, North Dakota, Arkansas, Maine, and Ohio, according to a Democratic Party official.
Why those states?
With the exception of Maine and Ohio, each of those states is home to at least one moderate Democratic senator whose vote on health care is in question. Maine is represented by two moderate Republicans who top the list of potential GOP votes on health care reform; Ohio has one such Republican senator, in addition to a liberal Democrat.
Why does the President need to target members of his own party? Isn't this the plan America's been waiting for?
While Democrats now control 60 Senate seats -- enough to break a Republican filibuster -- not all Democrats are backing Obama’s plan. Conservatives are continuing to balk at the price tag, as well as the proposal to establish a “public option” to compete with private health insurers.
Confusing, isn't it? And while Democrats have long argued that universal health care will save money, they're proposing big tax increases on "the rich" to pay for it.
"We don't have enough rich people. We could tax the wealthy to extraordinary levels. But we cannot afford everything we want," said Ken Kies, a former director of the Joint Committee on Taxation and currently a tax lobbyist for businesses including insurers. Yet, rich households are the focus of several revenue generating proposals to help pay for health care reform and other endeavors.
The House proposal starts taxing households that make $350,000 at 1%, topping off at a 5.4% rate for million dollar earners.