Tancredo Immigration Ad Focus in Colorado Debate

Tom Tancredo has turned a long shot independent bid for Colorado governor into a horserace. The former congressman has long focused on illegal immigration, and it's working for him against Democrat John Hinkenlooper.

Marten Kudlis was just three years old when he died. Sitting in a Baskin-Robbins having some ice cream he was tragically killed by an illegal alien drunk driver who plowed into the building. The illegal alien had been arrested 16 times, but never handed over to immigration, nor deported due to the sanctuary city policies of Denver, Colorado.

The mayor of Denver is John Hickenlooper, a pro-illegal alien and sanctuary city mayor who is currently running against Tom Tancredo for governor of Colorado. When your poor policies actually have consequences, these politicians get defensive and start crying "unfair".

The ad by the Tancredo campaign is called "Bad Policies Kill People."

Tancredo's volatile rhetoric on illegal immigration and calls to bomb Mecca have won him passionate followers, but also high unfavorability ratings in the state. He had no money on hand and little time to mount a campaign against the Democrat, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, a popular politician with millions of dollars in contributions in the bank.

But little more than a week out from election day, it's possible to imagine a Tancredo governorship.

A poll late last week found him just four points behind Hickenlooper, whose support has stayed flat while Republican nominee Dan Maes is flirting with single digits.

Despite the attempt by Hinkenlooper to play the moral superior on this matter, the reality is that the Dems embrace of illegal immigration is part of their base building. They do it by dividing the nation into special classes in order to give them special benefits. Illegal immigration is their latest attempt to grow their brand.