Tampa Heat

Two Florida Congressmen were ready, they thought, for the high-pitched energy of a Health Care Town Meeting. But some opponents of the president's health care proposal say they were aggressively blocked from getting in - and others made so much noise that one Representative gave up and went home.
The event brought home to Tampa the recent phenomenon of angry opponents of Obama's proposal disrupting town hall meetings by Democratic members of Congress during the August recess. This meeting was organized by Democratic state Rep. Betty Reed but was to include comments on the proposal by U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, a strong supporter.
The new strategy for scared socialists is to hold teleconferences with voters instead of public meetings. That's what New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen did yesterday.
Keep what works and fix what doesn't. That was the message on health care reform that Sen. Jeanne Saheen, D-N.H., shared with more than 15,000 New Hampshire residents who listened in on the telephone town hall meeting Thursday evening. Shaheen, who held the meeting from Washington and had to leave briefly three times to cast votes on the Senate floor, took more than a dozen questions from people across the state.
Scared Dems will not vote so boldly for change.