The Talent

I know that liberals have an amazing Talent - a sixth sense, I suppose you'd call it. They are able to know, intuitively, when a person is motivated by bigotry. But here's what I can't figure out - when a victim of bias belongs to more than one protected class, how does he discern which type of bigotry he's a victim of. Take Governor David Paterson of New York.

Gov. Paterson, convinced that the white-controlled media is out to get him, warned on Friday that they'd soon be going after the Commander in Chief.

He's Black, and he's Blind. So, when he's being discriminated against, how does the Governor know which bias is motivating the millions who consider him incompetent?

"The reality is the next victim on the list -- and you can see it coming -- is President Barack Obama, who did nothing more than try to reform a health care system," Paterson said during an interview on WWRL-AM radio.

By Sunday, Obama's people were calling Paterson's people to tell the governor to stop including the president in his race war with the media, the Post reported.

"Part of what I feel is that one very successful minority is permissible, but when you see too many success stories, then some people get nervous."

Is there an additional sense, a seventh one, that gives Paterson the ability to know that he's not a victim of Disability Bias rather than Racial Bias? Or is it a subsidiary skill that comes along with the sixth sense?

Obama spokesman Bill Burton was asked Monday during a press briefing whether the prez felt he was treated unfairly by the media because of his race.

"The president doesn't think it's the case," Burton said from Martha's Vineyard, where the Obama's are vacationing.

When Profiling Expert Henry Louis Gates saw a White Cop on his porch, he knew that he was in danger because he's Black. This is what's so amazing about the Talent! He might have been in danger for being short, for being arrogant, for being affluent, or for being a Harvard Professor. But he knew right away that it was a racial incident - before it had even begun! Like Freaking Magic!
And he said, ‘Would you step outside onto the porch.’ And the way he said it, I knew he wasn’t canvassing for the police benevolent association. All the hairs stood up on the back of my neck, and I realized that I was in danger. And I said to him no, out of instinct. I said, ‘No, I will not.’
It's fascinating, isn't it? Someone should do a study.