Tables Turned: GOP Getting Bashed at Townhalls

Now it's Republicans who are facing hostility at Town Hall meetings, as seniors fear changes to social programs.

And while the effort hasn’t reached nearly the grass roots town hall outrage that drove the tea party over the past two years, it’s clear liberal groups see an opening by attacking Republican plans on Medicare and stoking concerns of senior citizen voters.

“We’re calling them ‘work until you die’ events and the point is that the Ryan budget is a step towards cutting the social safety net that helps the elderly get health care,” Stier said. “We think the eventual target is Social Security and we’re going to hold them accountable for threatening the social fabric that is essential to this country, and that is deeply unpopular in these districts.”

This week’s efforts continue a campaign by Democratic groups last week to shift the narrative on the Ryan budget in their favor. Last week, MoveOn encouraged its members to attend town halls and grill lawmakers on Medicare and Medicaid. And the DCCC released an ad depicting senior citizens stripping and mowing lawns to pay for their health care under the Ryan plan in select districts.