Charlie Baker, the GOP candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, has cut the lead of incumbent Deval Patrick in half over the past month.

Behind one month ago in the Rasmussen polling by a 45%-31% margin (-14), the current poll shows Charlie trailing by just seven, by a 41%-34% score.  Further, Baker more than doubles Tim Cahill’s support on the current poll, as the State Treasurer pulls just 16% of the vote.
Now that they're getting to know Charlie (he's been running his first TV commercial since last week), independents are swinging toward Baker.
In the May Rasmussen poll Baker held a 36%-28% lead over Deval Patrick among Independent voters and has extended that lead in the current polling to 42%-25% -- a seventeen point lead.
Deval's favorables aren't great, but it could be worse.
Apart from their personal feelings toward Patrick, a majority of voters (50%) disapprove of the job he’s doing as Governor, while 48% approve.  Again, the intensity of voters is on the oppose side, as 30% strongly disapprove of the job he’s doing, while just 14% strongly approve.
In addition to Baker's TV spot, the other event in the race was the WRKO debate a week ago.