Supremely Bad

How bad is it?
A financial crisis is forcing Brandeis University to close the school's 48-year-old Rose Art Museum and to sell off a prized collection of contemporary American art, the university announced today.
Ah, that ain't nothin'. Check out this headline:
Miserable Monday: More Than 40,000 Layoffs Major Companies From Communications to Retail, More Americans Lose Jobs
It gets worse. Things are so bad, that only one man - a lying tax evader, at that - can save us!
Timothy Geithner won confirmation as U.S. Treasury secretary on Monday as the U.S. Senate set aside misgivings about his past income tax problems in light of his experience battling the financial crisis.
Will the dire circumstances be enough to stop the thieves in Washington from turning the emergency stimulus package into a long term political heist? What do you think?
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said today the government will probably be able to spend about $526 billion, or about 64 percent, of the package by the end of 2010, suggesting the plan might take longer than expected to boost the economy.
Some day, things will get bad enough that even those elected to serve the public interest will do the right thing. As bad as things are, sadly, we ain't there yet.