Super Butt

The Lakers beat the Celtics in their first series meeting in Boston this week, which seemed to add to the resentment Celts fans felt over a quick chat, and a butt-slap, between Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant.

In a WBZ-TV video creating a buzz in cyberspace, Brady is seen approaching Bryant on the hallowed parquet and congratulating the L.A. superstar moments after the crushing Celtics loss. Hold on, it gets worse. Bryant laughs and smacks Brady’s backside before the bromantic encounter breaks up. Hold on, it gets worse. Turns out Brady took in the game from courtside seats next to Bryant’s father, former NBA player Joe Bryant.
When a superstar sees another superstar, all they see is superbutt.
The Brady-Bryant moment set off an Internet furor, with online fans throwing darts at the West Coast transplant. “How dare Tom Brady have a ‘special’ moment with Kobe!” one Hub sports fan fumed on Twitter. A posting on Barstool Sports compared it to a “slap in the face.”
A slap in the butt, he means.