Super Bowl Halftime: Not a Good Pea

The NFL felt enough time had passed since the Janet Jackson debacle of 2004 to allow current hitmakers back on stage, so, last night the Black Eyed Peas had people hopeful the halftime show wouldn't be quite so dull.

But then they assumed their usual positions, glittering in black and white outfits, and set about going through the same motions you’d find at any BEP show in any arena while on tour. Worse, their get-ups were distracting: I spent more time trying to figure out what‘s clear skullcap was supposed to be — a space-age bicycle helmet? a new-era Devo wig? headgear for Data to wear on a Star Trek: Next Generation reunion episode? — than I did listening to what tumbledout of his Auto-Tuned mouth.

Which brings me to the bit that political pundits with nothing better to discuss may natter on about come Monday morning:’s lyrical change-up for the first verse of “Where Is the Love?”: “In America we need to get things straight / Obama, let’s get these kids educated / Create jobs so the country stays stimulated.”

Why can I already hear Rush Limbaugh twisting that to mean the president’s support base has eroded?