Summers at Harvard

How do we know that Larry Summers is being thrown out of the White House rather than leaving on his own? Check out the reason offered for his departure!

Summers has been on leave from Harvard, which has a rule that professors lose their tenured positions after a two-year absence. If he didn’t return by January, he could lose his position at the university, the White House official said. In an interview with The New York Times, Summers confirmed that concern.

Harvard has a rule? So, if Rahm called Harvard Chief Drew Faust and said could you give Larry another year extension on his tenure, Drew would say no?

Summers, who was officially "on leave" from Harvard to work at the White House, needed to return to the university within two years to preserve his tenure, Harvard spokesman John Longbrake said.

If his tenure did run out at Harvard, wouldn't they hire him all over again? Couldn't he get a job just about anywhere in the world?

Summers has decided to resign from his position because he has to return to the University within two years after going on leave in order to avoid losing tenure, according to a report in The New York Times.

Sounds like he got canned to me.