Straight Talk From New Hampshire Teen

A New Hampshire high school student, whose mother told us on WRKO this morning is a quiet, go-along sort of kid, couldn't handle the idea that his school was being taken over by a political agenda today.

Today, hundreds of thousands of students across the country will keep their voices silent. This National Day of Silence will be taking place at college campuses nationally in advocacy for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender awareness. It is through this day that the harsh realities of many LGBT students throughout the nation face on a daily basis, silencing themselves because of their sexual orientation, will be recognized.

So, instead of duct-taping his mouth, as some students do, he made himself a tee-shirt that more accurately expressed his feelings.

I'm Straight and I Talk, he wrote on his shirt. Nice!

If the schools put in more effort on education and less on political indoctrination, we might be having more success competing.

The Day of Silence is the largest national day of protest to raise awareness of the silenced voices of many LGBT students in elementary schools and high schools around the country. Since the first Day of Silence in 1996, students across the country have gone about their day-to-day business silently, expressing solidarity with their LGBT friends and family members by not speaking for the day.

Congratulations to our Tom and Todd show listener who has such a well-grounded teenager.