Storm Brewering

Jan Brewer is quickly making herself into a national figure, and she's doing it following a simple formula. By boldly fighting for the obvious.

The Republican governor is reminding the Democrat president that three weeks ago during their overdue Oval Office meeting he promised to send her more material within two weeks, especially regarding deployment of National Guard troops to fulfill the federal government's role of securing  the nation's international borders.Arizona and Obama officials now have a June 28 meeting set. And within Arizona the dispute has within only three months vaulted Brewer from a  three-way tie to far ahead of Republican challengers in the state's August gubernatorial primary. Her likely opponent is Democrat Attorney General Terry Goddard, who after meeting with Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, has refused to defend the state law.
Other pols would do well to speak out more boldly in support of rational policies.
Citing recent reports of federal lands within Arizona being closed to Americans because they are infested with criminals and.... ...potentially dangerous illegal immigrants, Brewer says: "This is unacceptable." "Instead of warning Americans to stay out of parts of our own country," she adds, "we ought to be warning international lawbreakers that they will be detained and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."
Democrats support bad policy in order to court favor with targeted groups of voters... including those from other countries who come here as outlaws. The result is a party that doesn't hesitate to be patently unpatriotic. Voters are catching on.