Stone Cold

Besides promoting distorted arguments designed to scare the world into adopting policies that have made him rich, what's former Vice President Al Gore been up to that might have led to the end of his marriage?

A massage therapist accuses former Vice President Al Gore of "unwanted sexual contact" when he visited Portland back in 2006. The masseuse told police, "He grabbed my right hand hard, shoved it down under the sheet ..." The woman says she was scared to run from the room, fearing Gore's security team would tase or shoot her. The woman claims the former vice president persisted, cornering her, caressing her back, buttocks and breasts. "I squirmed," she told police, "telling him 'Stop, don't.'"
Perhaps the almost president thought he heard "Don't stop." He has a way of twisting things.
In her detailed Jan. 8, 2009, statement to a Portland sexual assault investigator, the woman said she was called to the hotel about 10:30 p.m. Oct. 24, 2006, to provide a massage for Gore, who was registered under the name "Mr. Stone." Once inside his ninth-floor suite, she said he pushed her hand to his groin, fondled her buttocks and breasts, tongue-kissed her and threw her down on the bed as she tried to thwart his advances.
The tongue kiss does make one sympathetic to the woman's plight, no?
Without a cooperating witness in 2007, the case wasn't pursued by the district attorney or the police bureau. The subsequent 2009 statement eventually given by the masseuse was never shared with the DA until Wednesday, after a front-page article in the "National Enquirer."