Still, No Evidence That Political Climate Led to Shootings

Bob Scheiffer, host of Face the Nation, touts the Democrat's talking points on the Giffords shooting. So many assumptions!

We must change the atmosphere in which this happened, and we can begin by remembering that words have consequences.

Like all powerful things, they must be used carefully.

During Mr. Schieffer's commentary, he said, without any sense of irony: "We scream and shout, hurl charges without proof."

He then went on to hurl charges without offering any proof.

Megan Kelly talked with Sheriff Dupnik about his claims that talk radio and TV virtriol can be blamed for the killings, which he admitted he offered with no evidence that the shooter was influenced by those sources.

Dick Durbin was one of the many Democrats eager to spin the shootings rather than be respectful of the gravity of the circumstances.

...we live in a world of violent images and violent words. But those of us in public life and the journalists who cover this should be thoughtful in response to this and bring down the rhetoric which has become pervasive in the discussion of political issues, the phrase "don't retreat, reload" put crosshairs on congressional districts as targets.

Former Senator Mike Gravel also weighs in.