Steve Berke: Should be Mayor

In an era in which young people get their news from Jon Stewart, it makes sense for there to be a comedian politician.

Steve Berke is for real. And the 30-year-old comedian’s quixotic race for Miami Beach mayor — with its YouTube parody videos, sultry fashion models, publicity stunts and pro-marijuana platform — has morphed into a serious bid, with serious money and a serious political consultant.

On his campaign fliers, Mr. Berke poses with a fluffy housecat borrowed from a friend “because I don’t have a wife and children.” His campaign’s robo-calls use voice impersonators posing as President Obama, Bill Clinton and, “for the Jewish vote,” Adam Sandler. He has cameras recording his every step (and misstep) so he can pitch the whole thing as a reality show. He highlights his politically lethal gaffes because another part of his platform is unwavering transparency.

The fact that his chief opponent, Mayor Matti Herrera Bower, is a two-term, 72-year-old Cuban-American who promotes her experience and grandmother credentials makes the generational schism all the more striking.