Stephanopoulos Outlines Outrageous Obama Cynicism

Listen to George Stephanopoulos break down, in advance, what the strategy was for the State of the Union. Notice there's no mention of concern about tackling the nation's problems.

If he's talking about a broader economic vision for the long-term, he hopes to force them into talking only about the deficit so they'll be the purveyors of pain, and that is setting the terms of battle for the next six, nine months and the president's re-election.

He calls for the budget freeze, which is just enough to be credible on that issue, and i think they're betting on the fact that they either believe that if the Republicans try to go farther, it will be unpopular or they'll divide over it.

So while the president pretends to care about working together and solving the nation's pressing budget problems, his goal is to force the Republicans to address those problems on their own so that he can hang them out to dry later for doing things like "attacking" Social Security.