Standard Class

I find the image of Republicans presented by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner troublesome.

They seem to me to scream of all the negative stereotypes attributable to conservatives - pompous, elitist, old school. I'd much rather see younger, more normal seeming people like Paul Ryan or Scott Brown as the public face of the party. However, compared to the conservative Tories in England, we're doing pretty well.
What could be more embarrassing for a party trying to change its elitist image than the existence of someone like Sir Nicholas Winterton? A Conservative member of Parliament for the last 39 years, Sir Nicholas wandered disastrously off message recently when he decided to share his thoughts on why legislators should be allowed to travel first class to avoid exposure to the common man. Note: For the punchiest part start at 1:30 of the video. “They are a totally different type of people,” Sir Nicholas declared in a radio interview, speaking about the relative ghastliness of people in standard-class train cars. “There’s lots of children, there’s noise, there’s activity. I like to have peace and quiet when I’m traveling.”
They may not be carrying iPhones or Mac's, but our guys know better than to talk like Winterton.