Squeezing Scott

The senate is working on a new stimulus today, but this time they're calling it a jobs bill. I guess the big stimulus wasn't a jobs bill, event though it was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%. Anyway, Scott Brown has become a focal point on the issue.
The liberal-leaning group Americans United for Change is attempting to apply "some pressure to Scott Brown with a new TV spot in Massachusetts, asking the new Senator if he intends to keep his promise to work for the people back home who need jobs -- or if he'll blindly follow his national party leadership" in an ad called "Promise." It is airing on cable in Boston... The senator went into the weekend still analyzing the jobs bill, and his office declined to say exactly what he might want to see added to or changed in the legislation.
Things got heated over the jobs measure when Harry Reid pulled a compromise measure, deciding to take a piecemeal approach, offering a much smaller proposal in its place. Scott, along with Maine moderates Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, are viewed as vital to getting Reid's measure passed.
Brown, Snowe and Collins may be under tremendous pressure from Republican leaders to prevent Reid from getting his 60 votes. Several Republicans who would have voted for a jobs bill now feel burned by Reid’s move to torpedo the Baucus-Grassley bill two weeks ago.
This is the first time Scott has been put in the position of making a vote that might reflect on storylines that were essential to his election - ie, he's an independent voice in Washington who won't be in the bag of GOP leadership. Thus, the ad from Americans United for Change.