Spittle Shmittle

Those nasty protesters were spitting on members of congress on Sunday! At least, that's what we've been hearing that all week, conjuring the image of people peppering the poor radicals with huge lungies! Turns out, it's another conspiracy of deception on the part of Democrats and the media.
The Washington Post reported that Cleaver was spit on while walking to the Capitol to vote, which led Capitol Police to escort him inside the building "out of concern for his safety." The spitter was arrested, but Cleaver declined to press charges.
It turns out he wasn't spit on at all, he simply suffered some spray when walking by a screaming protester. And there's no sign in this, or any other video I've discovered, that he was verbally abused - although some might find the use of the word "kill" in the "Kill the Bill" to be ominous.
Calling Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II the "n-word" and spitting on him isn't the way to winning his vote. Go figure. Cleaver wouldn't be bullied and voted for health-care reform, which passed the House 219-212 last night, sending the bill to President Obama to sign into law.
Democrats will do anything.