Sour Taste

The Boston City Council, made up of the usual socialists who run America's cities, has important things to do. Which is why it's throwing a deke to voters, trying to distract them from the business at hand.

The Boston City Council today passed a resolution ordering the city to yank any investments in Arizona companies in protest of that state’s tough new immigration law.
It's not that the city has been investing heavily in cactus farms or anything. Rather, they're going long on racial divisiveness, the essential ingredient in the recipe of liberalism. "Remember, pander to the underclass!" is what they tell themselves as they adjust their ties in the mirror each morning.
The measure was met with no opposition from any member of the council and passed on a voice vote. Several councilors blasted the media for criticizing the council for spending time on the Arizona issue while Council President Michael Ross - who co-sponsored the bill with Councilor Felix Arroyo - said local and state officials need to step in because of “failures” at the federal level.
The city council could be doing something to help the taxpayers by blocking funding for a firefighter pay hike, ordered by an arbitrator, of 19%, but instead they prefer to blow racial smoke up the people's behinds.
The measure is in protest of a new law in Arizona aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants which allows authorities to ask to see documentation from people with “reasonable suspicion.”
The people must come to understand how their hopes for the futures of their children are crushed by the malicious race game played by the Democrats.
The San Diego city council has also passed a measure opposing the Arizona law.
I'll keep doing my part to educate them if you will.