SOTU: The President's New Pose

Advice for President Obama on what new pose he should make with the State of the Union to trick voters into reelecting him after the debacle of the first two years.

...he’s also going to talk to seniors, the better off people, people who’ve done well in the last fifteen, twenty years and say look, if you want your children and grandchildren to be as optimistic as you were when you were a kid and to have the opportunities in terms of education and the American life that you had, then we’ve all got to pull together.


The New York Times describes the White House repositioning project in a front page story today.

In his speeches, policy choices and personnel appointments, Mr. Obama has signaled that after two years in which his response to the economic crisis and his push for passage of the health care bill defined him to many voters as a big-government liberal, he is seeking to recast himself as a more business-friendly, pragmatic progressive.