Some Say it's Mitch Daniels' Daughters

Mitch Daniels and his wife, Cheri, both had a chance to tip their hand regarding a presidential run at a GOP dinner in Indiana Thursday night, but neither said much.

He spoke of the 2012 speculation, but only to tamp it down – and string it along at the same time. “No great announcements or pronouncements, though some insisted on expecting some,” Daniels said. “I’m not saying I won’t do it,” he added, before saying, as he has before, that he really wanted to retire from the public eye.

But for tonight, at least, Daniels isn’t the one being analyzed for presidential hints. Instead it’s his wife, keynote speaker Cheri Daniels, who is under national scrutiny as a potential obstacle to her husband’s bid – precisely because she does not want so much national scrutiny.

It may be that media speculation about Cheri not wanting Mitch to run is misguided.

Some attendees said that it was not Daniels’ wife but his daughters, now adults, who were most wary of the campaign glare on that period in their life. Daniels alluded to that concern in a January interview with a local paper. “It scares them to death," he said. “And it should.”