A Sober Kennedy

What an idiot.
Caroline Kennedy, who stunningly quit her push for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat, is dealing with a "tax problem and a potential nanny issue," a source close to Gov. Paterson said Thursday.
Doesn't Caroline realize that tax problems aren't a problem in the year that we're seeing Barack change the way Washington does business? Her cousin Patrick crashed his car while stoned on prescription drugs in the middle of the night but avoided arrest by calling on an obscure law forbidding law enforcement from arresting members of Congress who are on the way to the Capitol. Surely Caroline could easily absorb the impact of Nanny issues on her Kennedy bumber.
"She was facing some potentially embarrassing personal issues" that came up during the vetting process, the source said, adding that the governor had decided she was not up to the job anyway.
Ya, right.
A source close to Kennedy insists she quit because her husband, Edward Schlossberg, decided he didn't want her to move to Washington. "He basically said it would destroy the marriage if she moved to D.C.," said the source, who spoke to Kennedy and Schlossberg Thursday.
They must have passed each other in the hall and talked about it, right? "Honey, is it true what I heard - you're trying to get appointed to Hillary's Senate seat? I wish you'd checked with me - I just can't fit it in." The sequence of events according to a source at the Governor's office indicates classic, stupid Kennedy behavior.
The source said Kennedy called Paterson Wednesday, saying she was feeling "unsure" and "overwhelmed" about her candidacy and asked for 24 hours to think things over. "She never mentioned withdrawing," the source said.
What was she thinking over for 24 hours if not whether to withdraw?
After even her own people couldn't reach her for hours, Kennedy called Paterson last night at 11 p.m. and apologized for "being missing in action and said she would be issuing a statement saying she is still in contention." An hour later, without telling the governor, she released the statement saying she was withdrawing her name from consideration, the source said.
Too much stress, all this free Senate seat without an election finagling. What's an upper East Side girl to do?
Sometime in the early to mid afternoon, Kennedy "became aware of a personal situation that was occurring. It had nothing to do with" her sick uncle, Sen. Ted Kennedy.
Became aware. That's victim talk.
"She called the governor to inform him she was not going to be able to take the job, particularly one that comes with such enormous responsibility." The governor "graciously" told Kennedy to take 24 hours to think about it, which she agreed to do, the source said.
Her pampered life has left poor Caroline a complete incompetent, it would appear. On the other hand, suggesting that she's suffering from a Nanny tax problem is brilliant. That way, it looks like she's pulling out not because she's not up to the challenge, but because she's just another rich person who doesn't pay taxes. She saves face, and won't be embarrassed going to the Hamptons this summer.
Shortly afterwards, word began spreading that she was pulling out, the Kennedy aide said. Kennedy spent the evening thinking about what to do and finally called the governor late last night to say she decided to pull out. "She thanked him for his time," the aide said.
For his time. She thanked him. What an idiot. Who would have guessed that a sober Kennedy would have been worse than the usual Kennedy.