Smile About

There are two money facts about the Brown Coakley campaign that will really give you something to smile about today. For your first smile, please note the word "exhaust" in this paragraph from the Boston Globe today.
In the end, the two sides spent about the same amount. But the effort may take a greater toll on the Democrats, who - in their defense of what was once considered the safest of safe seats - were forced to exhaust funds they expected to use this fall to defend vulnerable incumbents in a harsh political environment.
How delightful to think about all that liberal money squandered on Martha Coakley, leaving candidates nationwide shorthanded in the fall! I know - that's a very nice smile you just enjoyed, and it may seem greedy for you to want another. Such are the riches that Scott bestows upon us.
Brown raised so much late money - about $1 million a day via the Internet at the end - that he couldn’t spend it all.
Hmmmm. Scott was also exhausted, but in a different way. He couldn't spend it all. Implying he has some left over, you ask? Exactly. Here's smile number two.
He ended the campaign with an estimated $4 million in his campaign account, spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said. The campaign’s original budget was $1.2 million, but it ultimately raised about $13 million. With a flush campaign account, Brown will enter office in a stronger position to defend against an almost certain challenge in 2012.
Which fantasy Democrat in Massachusetts will be taking Scott on in 2012?