Smarmy Gergen Plays "For the Children" On Ari Fleischer

Watch Ari Fleischer kick the crap out of David Gergen regarding the deficit. Great fun!

FLEISCHER: We can no longer afford a lot of the things we want and  that's what got us into the deep hole we keep paying for all of the  things that we like.

GERGEN: We can't get -- we can't -- we can't pay for teachers who are  going to educate our kids on science and math, we can't pay for them?  Are you really serious?

FLEISCHER: Look, listen, what you're saying is, is you want to talk about specific spending increase, but I didn't hear President Obama talked about what specifics he would cut. And this is the problem in Washington, the conversation always begins with the compassionate as measured by how much more money can we spend with this group or that group.

GERGEN: Educating -- educating our kids is not about compassion.

If the president had really wanted to do reach across the aisle policy rather than reach across the aisle posturing, he would have used last night's speech to alert the nation to the spending crisis - and covered the behinds of the Tea Partiers who are calling for dealing with entitlements.