Smarmy Fashion

In an attempt to put his comments on President Obama's race behind him today, Majority Leader Harry Reid held a press conference. In true smarmy Reid fashion, every comment he had was non-responsive to the crisis he's created.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday that he "could have used a better choice of words" when he described Barack Obama in 2008 as "light-skinned" with "no Negro dialect" unless he wants one.
A poor choice of words it was, but that gives us no way to understand why it is that liberals can stomp on the race nerve with immunity, while conservatives would be ravaged for similar transgressions.
In his first televised comments on the matter, Reid said political leaders have expressed support for him and that he's moving on. "We have a lot to do," Reid said. "I feel good about people reaching out to me. I've apologized to the president. ... I'm not going to dwell on this anymore."
You're not going to dwell on it anymore? We have not yet begun to dwell.
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday that the president did not "take offense" at Reid' statement. Obama is also planning to travel to Las Vegas for an event with Reid in February.
Liberals, who made the PC rules that require whites be hung out to dry for making innocent statements on race, are rolling out a predictable defense of Reid without explaining why they aren't held to their own standard.
Eric Holder, the country's first black attorney general, defended Reid in an interview with The Associated Press. "I don't think that there is a prejudiced bone in his body," he said.
We can't judge whether he's prejudiced or not - we can just plug his choice of words into the same paradigm that conservatives get crushed by.
Rep. Barbara Lee, chairwoman of the CBC, released a written statement Monday saying Reid "understands the gravity" of his comment but should remain as majority leader. She said Reid, unlike Republicans, works on behalf of poor and minority communities.
Liberals believe themselves to be so good at heart, simply because they're liberals, that they aren't required to live by the same strict standards as evil conservatives.
Democratic New York Gov. David Paterson, who is black, called Reid's comment "reprehensible," but said he should not have to resign his post over the controversy, according to New York's Times Union.
In reality, there's nothing particularly reprehensible about Reid's comments that I can see - what's reprehensible is the refusal of Democrats to live by their own rules. It's like cops who don't follow the same laws they enforce.
District of Columbia Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton said she thinks the black community will accept Reid's apology because, "Harry Reid has earned it."
No. What Harry's earned is a nice defeat in his November reelection bid.