Slow Down, Patton

How does the Obama mythology sustain now that liberals have turned on the president?

Obama clearly wishes to do good and means well. But he is one of those people who believe that the world was born with the word and exists by means of persuasion, such that there is no person or country that you cannot, by means of logical and moral argument, bring around to your side. He speaks as a teacher, as someone imparting values and generalities appropriate for a Sunday morning sermon, not as a tough-minded leader. He urges that things "must be done" and "should be done" and that "it is time" to do them. As the former president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Les Gelb, put it, there is "the impression that Obama might confuse speeches with policy."
Mort Zuckerman, in the column quoted above, complains that Obama is being viewed around the world as incompetent. The same is happening here, as the Rasmussen poll now indicates.
Overall, 41% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president's performance. That’s the lowest level of approval yet recorded for this president. Fifty-eight percent (58%) now disapprove.
Even good news from the gulf coast gets lost as red tape wins out over urgency, and the president's lack of managerial experience, and skill, is made glaringly plain.