Sipping Champaign

Oh, my. The Mayor of a major Illinois town doesn't think the president was born in the United States, and he admits it.
"I don't think he's American, personally," the mayor (Jerry Schweighart) said Thursday in a video that's been posted on YouTube. "You know, if you're not willing to produce an original certificate like a birth certificate, then you've got something to hide." The mayor said he doesn't know Obama, though years ago he shared a table with him at a Champaign event where Obama spoke. Schweighart said he had no particular awareness of Obama as a politician — much less concern about him — before the former senator from Illinois became president. But Schweighart, who was a Champaign police officer for 32 years, said he shares many tea party concerns about the president's health care plan and other issues. "It's just worrisome that the government is going to be running everything," he said.