Single Liar Plan

Have you ever wondered why proponents of a single payer, government run insurance plan were never allowed at the table when the gameplan for health insurance reform was written? It's because the President's ultimate goal was to get a single payer system, and he didn't want to tip people off to his endgame.
The President reassures on a regular basis that the much pushed "Public Plan" that Democrats want would not lead to the eventual elimination of the private insurance plans that are currently offered.
But the Public Plan would obviously lead to private insurers being driven out of business - how could it be otherwise? The public plan, we are promised, would be cheaper because the government would run it just like it runs medicare and medicaid, by paying about 65 cents for every dollar billed. Who could compete against them?
We are told the public plan is designed to create competitive pressure on the private insurers. How could some, at least, not be put out of business by the pressure?

Thankfully, Barney Frank has finally told the obvious truth - liberals expect the public plan to morph into a single payer plan. The President is lying.

Thanks to Verum Serum for awesome video links.