On Single Ladies

These girls are 8 years old. What's your reaction to seeing them dance?

Their satin-and-lace hooker look screams Lolita. The whole two-minute display seems one crotch-shot short of illegal. And with nearly 2 million hits, the clip of five enthusiastically gyrating grade-schoolers (dubbed "Little Girls Going Hard on Single Ladies") taped at the World of Dance competition in Pomona, Calif., last month has gone viral.
The parents explain that the girls are hard working dancers who are unaware of any sexual overtones.
It isn't prudish to think 7-year-olds ought to look like 7-year-olds. It's prudent. Twisted minds are surely drooling over the exhibitionism of the Beyoncé bunch. Pedophiles don't need more kindling on their deranged fires, but displays like this one shovel it on. And put other little girls at risk.
The parents also say that the kids haven't seen Beyonce's video, they've only seen the Chipmunk movies, and their routine is based on that of the Chipettes. Which raises the questions - should 7 year olds be allowed to watch these movies... and doesn't Hollywood have to take some blame?
I watch this bunch of energetic 7-year-olds and wish that, with those kicks and their apparent athleticism, they were outside on a soccer field, enjoying a sport that focuses on play -- and not so much on the body. Soon enough, these girls, like girls everywhere, will have to navigate tricky adolescent waters, learning to dodge what's unsafe and unwise, and finding out what true power, self-respect and individuality look like.This performance gives them a big shove in the wrong direction.
Do you think there no problem at all - are you as dumbfounded as the parents? Before answering, visit munkyourself.com where children are told to "Get Munked."