Silly Outrage Over Prom Ban in CT

This kid's story is holding the TV morning shows hostage this morning. James Tate has been banned from his prom because he wrote an invitation to his date by taping cardboard letters to the side of the school building.

Tate told CNN that the invitation "was a harmless, fun, thoughtful and creative way to ask a girl to prom."

"She's my best friend," he said of Rodrigues, "and I wanted to give her something special

Tate's prom ban is causing an outpouring of support for Tate and Rodrigues on Facebook; over 110,000 people have "liked" the page "Let James Tate Go To the Prom." One message read, "this punishment DOES NOT fit this crime at all !!!," while another said, "LET THE KID GO TO PROM!"

The kid broke the rules. The legislators pushing a government response are an embarrassment, and James will be just fine without his prom.