Silly George

Imagine George Stephanopoulos having to do all the dumb entertainment and fluff that morning show hosts like Matt Lauer do?
No one doubts that George Stephanopoulos can rise before dawn, read all the major papers, and grill Robert Gibbs at the top of the 7 a.m. hour. But what if the morning’s guest is the latest cast-off from “Dancing with The Stars?”
But the real shame is that George now hosts the best of the big three network's Sunday talk shows - it will be a shame to lose him on This Week.
Such questions may soon be answered if, as expected, Stephanopoulos fills the co-anchor spot on “Good Morning America” being vacated by Diane Sawyer. Stephanopoulos and ABC News are still in negotiations, but there’s hope within the network that a deal can be wrapped up sometime next week, according to an ABC source.
Tim Russert's old show, Meet the Press, is hard to watch with David Gregory as host. He lacks the confidence to host a show packed with political heavyweights.
Some of Stephanopoulos’ colleagues have questioned whether “GMA” is the right fit for such a well-known political animal, and have even recommended he resist pressure from network higher-ups in New York and instead continue to build upon his considerable political franchise in Washington.
And Face the Nation, just half an hour in length and hosted by the overly old school Bob Schieffer, contributes only interviews with politicians - it lacks the panel discussions of the week's events that are the best part of the other shows.
But Stephanopoulos is now in a position that other television journalism stars have faced over the years, when the network brass shepherd them into roles that at first blush don’t seem the best use of their talents and expertise. Indeed, Sawyer was handed the “GMA” job on a temporary basis in 1999, but ended up spending 10 years on the morning show couch before getting the role many thought was a much better fit: “World News” anchor.
When it went on the air three years ago, This Week seemed a bit two cute and lacking in gravitas. Now it is a show to look forward to. It could be a double loss for ABC to put George on GMA.
"These network teams have only got a certain number of positions to play and a finite number of people to move around in them, and sometimes they put a really good blocker in the quarterback position," said Syracuse University's Robert J. Thompson. "And blockers don't make good quarterbacks."