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The blindness of the thoughtful to the stupidity of their conclusions is too dangerous to be funny for more than a moment.
It was Armageddon all right, a battle between selfishness and sharing.
So writes Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson, a raging loony tune of the left, lost in the thick fog of his untethered intellect and race colored glasses as he considers the dangers of an engaged electorate.
Some Americans who believe health care reform represents a heist of “their’’ resources for the undeserving betrayed their underlying feelings as Democratic congressmen were either called the N word or spat upon, a Latino congressman was called a “wetback,’’ and Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank, who is gay, was called the F word.
The left is engaged in a long, slow project to undo the fundamental premise upon which our country is built - give people the right to carve their own path through life and to reap the rewards of their efforts, protected from undue interference from the state, and great things will result.
The vast majority of tea partiers, at least from all the photos, are white and the nearly all-white Republican congressional delegation stood as a brick wall against reform.
The American formula has resulted in the most successful economy in human history, and the most powerful force for freedom the world has ever known. The liberals who seek to dismantle the great experiment consider it cruel. The Founders and their followers are just so mean, they don't want to share!
The rage around health care, going back to the disruptions of Democratic legislator town halls last summer, continues to raise the temperature not just on health care, but on the dangerous debate on who is a “true blue’’ American.
Here's a simple test - when you think the validity of political engagement depends on people's skin color, then you're probably not doing to well on the true blue scale. But let's keep in mind there has been no conversation connected to the health care debate about who is a "true blue" American.
In the final stages of the health care debate, Palin and other Republican leaders resorted to telling their masses to “reload’’ or get ready for the “firing line’’ in November.
And crowds of White People chanted, "Kill the Bill!" Oh, the violent, race based hatred of those who don't want to share! Oh, the utter goodness and love in the hearts of those from what Max Baucus portrays as the Robin Hood Party.
"Wages have not kept up with increased income of the highest income in America. This legislation will have the effect of addressing that mal-distribution of income in America."
Here's an idea for liberals. Stop sending the poor to the worst schools in the country, which, by the way, are 100% owned and operated by the Democrats, provide them with safe neighborhoods for their kids to walk to school in, and start expecting of them that they succeed.
Then, maybe, you can talk about compassion and empathy without making people guffaw.