Sestak and Toomey Debate Extremism in PA

If being an extemist is such a bad thing, how come all the candidates are extremists?

Pennsylvania’s competitive Senate race can be boiled down to a simple back-and-forth: You’re an extremist! No, you are!

Those were the volleys traded once again by Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak and Republican nominee Pat Toomey Friday night, as the two used their second and final televised debate of the campaign to paint the other as out-of-step with mainstream Pennsylvanians.

The debate would have been even more heated, were it not for moderator David Johnson’s efforts to break-up direct exchanges between the candidates.

“Once again Congressman Toomey, can’t you tell the truth?” Sestak implored at one point.

The candidates did agree that the tone of the race has grown regretfully contentious. And they offered similar answers when asked their greatest faults (in short, ambiton) and their greatest assets (their wives).

Tedious, but is it avoidable? I keep thinking that if it were me up there, I'd be using humor to escape having to put such trivial, banal hurts on my opponent when he tried to tag me with some phony charge. But humor also confuses people.