Senator Webb: One is Enough

Former Senator George Allen just got some good news in his run to reclaim his seat. Current Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) is quitting after just one term, announcing today that he won't seek reelection.

The news that Sen. Jim Webb has chosen not to run for Senate next year against presumed GOP nominee George Allen -- the guy he beat back in 2006 -- is being received as nearly catastrophic for Dems' chances of holding the seat. Maybe even terrible news for their shot at holding on to the Senate as a whole. But PPP has some interesting data...

The upshot is that Webb wasn't a particularly popular senator. His approval ratings were in the mid-40s. And George Allen, notwithstanding the conservative resurgence of the last couple years, isn't that popular either. PPP had his favorable at 40% and his unfavorable at 41% -- hardly stellar.

Prior to Webb's announcement, former Gov. Tim Kaine (D) had said repeatedly that he was not interested in running. However, in PPP's poll, he polled even better than Webb and was beating Allen by 6 points.

Charlie Cook writes:

The situation will take some time to sort itself out, but Democrats are now faced with a much more competitive race, and another open Senate seat that they are in danger of losing.