Senator Darjeeling

How's Nikki Haley doing in her run for Governor of South Carolina? She's leading in the polls, but she's threatened by controversy over repeatedly filing her taxes late.

"Like many others, the Haleys availed themselves of the opportunity to file extensions when necessary," Haley's spokesman, Rob Godfrey, said in a statement. "When they got their taxes prepared, they filed them and paid any interest they were required to."

Tax records released by the state lawmaker's campaign today revealed that Haley, a former accountant, and her husband have been fined more than $4,000 since 2005.

How's Rand Paul doing in his race for U.S. Senate in Kentucky?

According to SurveyUSA, Paul has an 8-point lead against his Democratic rival among voters overall. He holds the independent vote, 54 percent to 36 percent, and has 25 percent of Democrats supporting him.

Conway has only 11 percent of Republicans supporting him, and 69 percent of voters from his own party. He trails slightly in all regions in the state except in the east, where his hometown is and where the race is deadlocked at 47 percent to 48 percent.

And Sharron Angle, in Nevada, is just a few points behind Harry Reid, who spent millions of dollars to marginalize the Republican, running attack ads immedately after her primary victory portraying her as a wingnut. She's fighting back aggressively, and she's climbing in the polls.

Among voters who said they are likely to vote, Reid held a 48-44 percent lead over Republican challenger Sharron Angle, much narrower than the 52-36 percent edge he had over her among registered voters.

Democrats like Harry Reid will be doing a lot less after the November elections.