Senator Coburn: Don't Question Motives of the Socialists

David Gregory keeps the media push on conservative vitriol going by asking Senator Tom Coburn to agree that violent metaphors are bad. Coburn tells him we're talking about the wrong topic.

MR. GREGORY:  ...Do you reject those who believe that the president wants to injure the country, and that will, that will deny Americans' liberty?  And do you think violent metaphor of any kind is simply over the line in political discourse?

SEN. COBURN:  Of course I reject that.  But the point is, is we're spending all this time talking about something that it--has nothing to do with the events, and what the real problems are, we're not spending time working on it.

SEN. COBURN:  Well, I think the key, David, is people go back to motive.  And what we can't question is our president's love for our country, Chuck Schumer's love for our country.  And, and where we get in trouble is when we start looking at motives rather than differences of ideology.  And, and I think where we've had problems in the Senate, it's been small, but the fact is, is that always comes about under--when people are questioning their motives.  I think the people in the Senate love this country.  We have vast differences in how we believe what will be the best course for our country. But I believe the question of motives is something that ought to be set aside.