Senate Considers Loopy Liu

This guy is a darling of the left. Nominated 15 months ago to serve on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the San Francisco regional federal court that's already the loopiest in the country, Goodwin Liu's nomination is in front of the senate today. Which is a shame - he should be saved for a couple of months before the election.

Obama nominated Liu in February 2010. He’s a professor and associate dean at the University of California at Berkley’s Boalt Hall School of Law, a role through which he took public positions and wrote papers in favor of liberal positions on issues like same-sex marriage. 

But when his nomination was announced last year, Liu’s hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, reported that conservative activists considered him to be “the biggest target” of all Obama’s nominees, because his youth, race and academic reputation made him a shoo-in candidate the administration was “obviously grooming” for the Supreme Court.

Liu should be showcased in a long, drawn out battle - using him as a proxy for the president's radicalism.