The Senate?

Dick Morris has long been saying the GOP will take the senate. On O'Reilly's show Wednesday night, he proudly reported that, for the first time all year, the GOP leads in ten races for seats occupied by Democrats.

Here are the races:

North Dakota = Republican + 43%

Arkansas = Republican + 18%

Indiana = Republican + 18%

Wisconsin = Republican + 12%

Pennsylvania = Republican + 7%

Colorado = Republican + 5%

West Virginia = Republican + 5%

Illinois = Republican + 4%

Nevada = Republican + 3%

Washington = Republican + 1%

Karl Rove explains the challenge for Democrats:

How did the Democrats get here? By passing bad legislation. How bad? Not a single vulnerable House Democrat is featuring the stimulus bill in campaign ads—except for those Democrats who opposed it. Nor do any extol cap and trade in television spots.

How is the Good Government Party dealing with the threat to their control of congress? They're getting dirty.

Given this dismal picture, Democrats believe they have only one option: a thermonuclear assault on their GOP opponents, which means raising questions about their character, distorting their views, and making outlandish claims.

And Rove explains why the campaign of hate won't work.

The Democrats' reliance on this strategy may rescue a few otherwise lost campaigns. But it will further besmirch the reputations of the Democratic Party and its leader, Mr. Obama. The man who complained on the night of his election about the "pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long" is complicit as candidate after candidate in his party adds arsenic to the nation's political well.