Sen Sessions: Tea Party 'Good People'

I wish more Republicans would highlight the grotesque behavior of Dems who demonize the Tea Party for wanting to balance the budget. It's ugly politics at its ugliness to distort such a noble cause, and I'm glad Senator Jeff Sessions is speaking out.

I am really offended that Chuck Schumer and the leadership, Harry Reid and others, are demonizing the Tea Party – millions, tens of millions of Americans who went out and said we got to get this country under control... These are good people.

About the Democrats, Sessions adds:

And now they are directly and openly attacking them, the things they stood for. They are defenders of the big government philosophy and they’re openly showing themselves as that. And so I hope the American people will write letters and e-mails and messages to say we’ve got to contain spending. This country is at risk.”

Yup. And the Tea Party is fighting to save it. You might disagree with how they think it should be done, but the nobility of the Tea Party spirit cannot be denied. It's something the major parties should be emulating.