Scott's Challenge

Scott Brown made his first floor speech today - it was in support of his tax cut amendment, a proposed modification to the stimulus package.
As Obama's first year in office wraps we have to wonder how he squandered such a great opportunity to produce real "change," the theme that inspired his campaign. Those who expected it are disillusioned; those who didn't gloat on the marooned administration.
With Larry Kudlow last night, Scott Brown says he wants the president to do better.
This is very clever - a challenge to Barack, but one that isn't intended to be demeaning to the president - instead, it is done in a complementary way, as if to say "we respect you, Mister President, we know you can do better."
Obama claims to lack ideology but he's also devoid of passion. He never makes firm cases for positions, floating feelers for focus groups to test and interests to engage instead, letting well-funded lobbyists and other players decide what will work best. Generalities floated during the campaign galvanized troops, but specifics that could translate them into action were not forthcoming.
Watch the crafting of Scott as a national figure - it is being done masterfully, capitalizing on the leadership opportunities made possible by the failures of Obama. The choice of interviews that Scott makes, the positions taken - it's a great pleasure to behold a maestro at work.