Scott Brown made a surprise appearance at the CPAC Convention in Washington yesterday. His purpose - to introduce Mitt Romney. Check out the electricity.

The man conservatives credit with stopping a health care plan they deride as “Obamacare” burst onto the stage in a time slot that had been designated for former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, sending the crowd into a standing and stomping ovation. “My name is Scott Brown,” he said, as the crowd shouted, “Whoo!” “And I’m the newly elected,” pause for emphasis, “Republican senator from Massachusetts!” “We have absolutely changed the course of politics in America,” Mr. Brown said. He then introduced Mr. Romney, calling him “one of the Republican party’s bright lights.”
It just may be that Mitt's time has passed, and the future belongs to people like Scott and Florida senate candidate Marco Rubio - a conservative who has outflanked Governor Christ in the race for the GOP nomination.
Dick Armey attacked the president...
... and spoke of principles.