Scott Reaches Across Again

Scott Brown said that he'd be an independent senator for Massachusetts, and he continues to live up to that commitment in ways that anger some, but seem smartly crafted to please mainstream voters here.

Sen. Scott Brown (Mass.) announced Monday evening that he will vote for ratification of the New START treaty, becoming the latest Republican to come out in favor of the U.S.-Russia nuclear pact.

"I've done my due diligence, and I'm going to be moving for cloture and ... supporting the START treaty," Brown told reporters after the Senate met in closed session for an intelligence briefing on the treaty. "I believe it's something that's important for our country, and I believe that it's a good move forward to deal with our national security issues."

Judd Gregg, the retiring New Hampshire senator, has made the same decision.

With the addition of Brown and Gregg to the "yea" column, the treaty appears to be nearing the threshold needed for ratification; the support of two-thirds of the Senate is needed to ratify a treaty, meaning Senate Democrats need at least nine Republicans to join them if the measure is to pass.