Scott Brown Works to Keep Deval Patrick Governor

The Governor of Massachusetts is ultimately responsible for the decisions of the Parole Board, and that might explain why Scott Brown is addressing with such vigor a matter not before the U.S. Senate.

"The fact that you have a violent offender, who was violent in and out of prison and was released, you know, it seems that there's a breakdown, and I think heads should roll," Brown said.

Scott was talking about the release of Dominic Cinelli from prison, paroled two years ago while serving three life sentences. Cinelli died Sunday night while robbing the Kohl's store in Woburn, killing a police officer in the process.

"I haven't heard anything from the head of the Parole Board or any of the members as to how they could justify having somebody like that be released. Had that not happened, we wouldn't be going to a funeral tomorrow," Brown said.

Could it be that Scott is hoping to grow the political problem that Deval Patrick faces as a result of the Cinelli release? Deval is the Democrat best positioned to challenge Scott in 2012.

A document released by the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office on Thursday raised further questions about the decision of the Massachusetts Parole Board to release Dominic Cinelli, the career criminal accused of killing Maguire.The letter, sent by prosecutor Lynn Rooney to the Parole Board in 2005, describes Cinelli as an incorrigible inmate whose record of incarceration “includes over fifty disciplinary reports and two escapes.”

Half of the 6 board members were appointed by Deval.