Scott Brown Versus Harvard

Tomorrow is the day... Elizabeth Warren will become the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination to challenge Scott Brown.

The consumer advocate will be spending the day tomorrow greeting commuters in Boston, before travelling to New Bedford, Framingham, Worcester, and Springfield. She has already picked up an endorsement from a prominent nurses union in the state and has been informally courted by other unions. National Democrats are wary of saying much, if anything, about her candidacy, lest they give off the impression that they are meddling in a state primary. But it has been apparent for some time now that party officials view her as a more formidable candidate than Brown's other prospective challengers, including Newton Mayor Setti Warren, social entrepreneur Alan Khazei and state Rep. Thomas Conroy.

Khazei has led fundraising for the bad guys thusfar, but that will change quickly as Warren collects money from socialists nationwide.