Scott Brown Hits David Koch Up For Money

An amazing piece of video reveals the miserable part of politics - schmoozing for dollars. This shows Scott Brown chatting with billionaire David Koch (pronounced Coke) at the dedication of his new MIT cancer research center a few days ago. Scott thanks Koch for his previous contributions and asks for more money.

BROWN: Your support during the election, it meant a ton. It made a difference and I can certainly use it again. Obviously, the –

KOCH: When are you running for the next term?

BROWN: ’12.

KOCH: Oh, okay.

BROWN: I’m in the cycle right now. We’re already banging away. But you guys should all be very proud. I mean this is amazing. I’ve actually taken the tour and uh just the things you aim to attack this issue is, is huge.


BROWN: Thank you, for your leadership.

KOCH: Susan was the main uh uh person who created the idea of combining the uh the bioengineers with the cancer researchers and then uh, so she’s a brilliant lady and a leader here.

HOCKFIELD: Hi, David. David’s enthusiasm, Tyler’s [Jacks, Koch Institute director] genius, and I just said, sure, let’s do it.

Scott does a good job here - he says what needs to be said, but doesn't grovel.